Inside the printer, the paper is moved along by rollers and often a piece of film like a conveyor belt (called a transfer belt). This happens when the rollers or the transfer belt inside the printer get dirty or covered in excess toner powder and as the paper is moved through the printer, the ‘tracks’ are being left on the page.

This is normally the case when the tracks on the page are located at either end. If the tracks are located all over the page or even in the middle, it could be due to marks or damage to the transfer belt.

Also, if a blob of dirt or old toner is stuck to a roller or the transfer belt, it smudges a line down the paper as it passes.


The following steps will help to fix this issue:

  1. Get a lint-free cloth, rubber gloves (so toner doesn’t get on your hands), some isopropyl alcohol, and a soft paintbrush and gently clean any rubber rollers you can easily reach.
  2. With a vacuum hoover out any loose toner particles.
  3. With a lint-free cloth very gently wipe the transfer belt (not all printers have one).
  4. If all else fails, you may need to replace the transfer rollers/transfer belt.

Warning: make sure you wear gloves and don’t touch the transfer belt film with your fingers or the hoover, you could leave a mark that will cause additional print problems.

Remember to be careful and if you are at all unsure, find a printer technician who is experienced in cleaning the printer.