Your machine is equipped with a scan counter. The counter automatically counts how many times the machine has scanned. When the machine scans 10,000 times, the machine will display a message on the Status Monitor to remind you to replace the Separation Pad. Follow the steps below to replace the Separation Pad.


  1. Open the Top Cover (1) and the Front Cover (2).


  2. Slide the Separation Pad Holder up.




    Be careful when touching the Separation Pad and its surrounding area in the machine. Otherwise, you could cause serious damage to the machine.




  3. Pinch and pull the Separation Pad upward.


  4. Attach a new Separation Pad.


  5. Securely slide the Separation Pad Holder down.
  6. Close the Front Cover and the Top Cover.
  7. Reset the counter. Follow the steps below to reset the counter.


    1. Press Settings(Settings).
    2. Press the Up or Down arrow key to display Machine Info..
    3. Press Machine Info..
    4. Press Usage Counters.
    5. To reset the counter for the Separation Pad, press Separation Pad Count.
    6. The LCD shows the confirmation message. Press Yes.
    7. Press Home.